Best Veg Restaurants in Munnar

Best Veg Restaurants in Munnar

Are you in search of the best Vegetarian Restaurants in Munnar? If so, then this place is perfect for you.

Rapsy Restaurant

They will truly be a savior from tasty apathiris to Non Vegetarian delicious dishes all the way from Munnar Community . This is surely one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Munnar available.

The most important thing that should be noted about this Vegetarian Restaurant is that it serves quality food. The chefs here are entirely dedicated for serving only the best and freshest vegetarian fare that can ever be imagined. They are also very creative in serving snacks and desserts. From breakfast to dessert, from Indian fries to fresh fruit juices, from plain rice to creamy pudding, everything served here is pure flavor and goodness.

Address : Proche du bazar Centre de Munnar, Munnar India

Timings : 07:00 AM To 10:00 PM

Phone : +91 4865 230 456

Some of the other popular Vegetarian restaurants in Munnar

Sarvana Bhavan

  • Location - MG Road Munnar

  • Specialty - Pure Vegetarian and South Indian

  • Most ordered food - Appam with Vegetarian Stew - Kerala Cuisine

Sree Krishna Marwadi Gujarati Restaurant Pure Veg

  • Location - Moolakadai, Munnar - Hotel SN Sujatha Inn

  • Specialty - Gujarati

Sree Mahaveer Bhojanalaya Restaurant

  • Location - Silent Valley, Munnar Town

  • Specialty - North Indian - Rajastani, Gujarathi and Punjabi

Hotel Sangeetha

  • Location - Ikka Nagar Munnar

  • Specialty - South Indian and Vegetarian

Hotel GuruBhavan

  • Location - Munnar Colony Road, Near Tea County Resort

  • Specialty - Veg and Non Veg

  • Most ordered dish - Spicy Chicken Fry - Non Veg Cuisine Prepared in Kerala Style

Rochas Restaurant

  • Location - Moolakadai, Ikka Nagar Munnar

  • Specialty - Veg and Non Veg

  • Most Ordered Dish - Ari Pathri and Chicken Curry - Non Veg Cuisine Prepared in Kerala Style

At Best Veg Restaurants in Munnar, the taste is always the best. Everything served here is naturally deliciously tasty. It is always accompanied by side dishes or condiments to make it even more palatable. The best way to describe it is 'mesmeric'. One cannot help smiling when they are served their first bite of this kind of food. There is just something special about this kind of delicacy.

Even if the concept of Vegetarian is new to you, just try one meal at one place. You will realize that this is something that is not only good for you but also very fulfilling. Even those that are not meat eaters will find it extremely tasty. The best part is that you do not have to consume it sparingly. It has an incredibly creamy taste that will make your mouth water every time you see it.

Best veg restaurants in munnar

Munnar is also famous for its Idli and Sambar. You can also get a mouth watering dessert like Geetha Pappu. This dish uses cashew nuts to make it. This is another typical Indian dish that is absolutely delicious and perfectly fulfilling. You must try this place! Apart from these three places, there are many other excellent places where you can eat your favourite vegetarian dishes. So do not worry. You will find what you want. The best part is that they serve your food as quickly as possible. So hurry up and grab any of the best Veg restaurants in Munnar to savour the taste of vegetarian food.

Munnar is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world. The lush green hills around the city will simply mesmerize you. Hence the best Veg restaurants in Munnar serve you with some of the most mouth-watering delicacies. There are seafood restaurants as well that serve some of the best fishy foods in Kerala.

The traditional South Indian lunch is generally made using some of the fresh vegetables that are served with some rice and coconut milk. There are also some meat dishes that are commonly served. You can also opt for home made South Indian delicacies which are equally good. Try them out if you have the time

Apart, from these, the best Veg restaurants in Munnar also serves some of the most exotic fruit. You can go for mangoes here. Or go for pineapples. Or go for watermelons. The list is endless. Thus the best Veg restaurants in Munnar are those that serve a wide range of food items.

If you visit the best Veg restaurants in Munnar, you will experience a taste of the best that Kerala has to offer. The rich local culture as well as the traditional food of Southern India are served at these restaurants. Hence it is a must visit place for any food lover. So go ahead and treat yourself to some of the best restaurants in Munnar that serve the best Veg Foods.

Here is a month insightful separation of the climate of Munnar with the goal that you can design your outing as needs be.

December to February: The cold weather months are by a wide margin the best an ideal opportunity to visit Munnar since the climate is wonderful. The base temperature during this season drops to ten degrees Celsius and is ideally suited for an excursion or a vacation. This is additionally an incredible time for experience aficionados who can appreciate experience exercises, for example, rock climbing, traveling and rappelling. Do convey woolens along as the nights can get very virus.

Walk to May: March denotes the start of summer in Munnar. The climate stays wonderful and temperatures range between 19 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. Summer in Munnar is an ideal opportunity to appreciate touring and visiting tea homes and the Tata Tea